Our Story

We personally invest in our clients and people as they become the heart of our core business and long-term strategy. Every market we engage in, every employee and therefore every client’s needs are as significant and valuable as the next. It’s a life cycle. ​

Mission and Versability

Solely truly transparent, ethical, and accountable services can enable our firm to contribute positively towards our society as a whole. At UponWealth, we pave a path through all investment products and services within a rapidly evolving world of markets. We believe that, trust and integrity can transform organizations magnify investments and gear up for the long-term future.


We can practically demonstrate our commitment to our clients. We empower our people to grow and deliver excellence in everything they do. We feel that embracing creativity and teamwork can lead to everlasting success. Commitment brings results in every aspect.

Experience and Versatility

Our main goal is to enrich the business world. We cooperate with longstanding institutions that are successfully operating in the industry for more than 10 years and which have close ties with European and other multinational companies. In addition, versatility is a key component of our firm, as we strongly believe in the ability to adobe and provide new solutions.