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Greece is among the most attractive investment destinations in Europe. According to the Hellenic Investment and Foreign Trade Company, foreign direct investments (FDI) to Greece increased by 74.3 percent in 2021 despite the pandemic. 

Alternative and renewable energy is one of the most promising sector of the economy. The government’s target is to exceed the EU renewable energy goal of 27% by 2030. The main pillars of this transition are solar and wind energy. The Greek government aims to mobilize more than €10 billion towards the clean energy sector, in a partnership effort between the public and private sectors. Around €6 billion will be generated through EU grants, while private investors will add another €4.4 billion.

The Greek IT and digital sector also drives the country’s economic growth. The Ministry of Digital Governance announced the ‘Digital Transformation Bible” plan for the 2020-2025 years that will lead to the digital transformation of Greek society and economy.

The digitalization trend has an enormous impact on financial services and the start-up culture of Greece. Over the past decade, alternative investments and cryptocurrency have become increasingly popular with investors looking to diversify their portfolios. Greece is rapidly becoming a new hub for start-ups and digital nomads. In 2021, Greek start-up funding hit over €500 million.

New infrastructure projects reshaped the Greek real estate and development markets.  The latest data shows that foreign investors spent 1.17 billion euros on buying a Greek home in 2021, showing an increase of 34 percent from the previous year.